What does ‘Entirely Catholic’ mean?

The term ‘EntirelyCatholic‘ has a specific meaning for me, but it does not mean that I claim to be ‘Entirely’ good, faith-filled, holy, or any other nice adjective.  Actually, I’m so far from perfect that I don’t think I can even see it from where I am…

The actual meaning comes as a result of my decades-long search for faith. I did just about everything wrong, but still wound up finding faith (Jer 29:13 is true!).  I started attending Bible study as an agnostic, and found my ‘logical side’ digging into first-century culture, word meanings, and consistency between verses.  The toughest part was finding an interpretation that stayed consistent as I moved from verse to verse and book to book.  Occasionally, I’d run up against two (distant) verses that contradicted each other, based on my current understanding.  To make a long story short, I started doing a lot of ‘logical’ research and found that the Catholic interpretation of Scripture is completely consistent and matches the ‘obvious’ meaning of the passages — even when I looked out over the huge amount of teaching and vast time span of the entire Bible.

I still research – nearly every day – and sometimes I’ll ‘dig deep’ to test the consistency of one position or another — and the Church ends up being right every time.

I’ve become so confident in the Church’s positions that I hold them up for myself – as a target to aim at, and as an ideal to aspire to. I know these positions ‘point me in the right direction’, so I’ve made a conscious decision to accept all of the Church’s teachings, even if they differ from my (current) emotional position. ‘Picking and choosing’ what I like wouldn’t be a search for authenticity, it would be forming a personalized religion. Truth is truth, and it doesn’t bend for personalities.

So, ‘EntirelyCatholic‘ is my effort to accept truth - all of it – and follow it.  There will only be one truth in Heaven, so I might as well get used to it now.


3 thoughts on “What does ‘Entirely Catholic’ mean?

  1. Greg,
    I really enjoyed your appearance on Coming Home.Your story was fascinating. You kept mentioning someone named Jeff and his work. Could you possibly send me his full name and the title of his work?

    • Joseph,

      ‘Jeff’ is Jeff Cavins and I kept referring to his central work ‘The Bible Timeline’. I have a short write-up of it here on this website, with a link to his site. You can click here to see it. — Peace, Greg

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