Technically, this is a test page.  Why?  Because it’s full of pictures of my dogs.

However…all three of these animals have been very important in my ability to come to faith, and then to strengthen it.  Especially Katie.  (For more on Katie, read here or here.)

Click on any picture to zoom in.


———- ‘Grace’ – The Boxer/Beagle Mix ———-

Grace - Chewing on Frond (4093)

Dad says I look like Katie (the next pooch). Do you think so?

Grace - Chewing on 'Pipe' (4092)

I can’t figure out how to light this pipe…


———- ‘Katie’ – The Lab Mix ———-

Katie w Ear Falling Border

I’m Sleepy.

Katie Head Cocked by Window 1920

What did you just say?

Greg and Katie Hug

Aw, Dad – you’re embarrassing me!

GNK Katie on Greg's Stomach - 800x600

Dad, you need to do some situps.

Katie Head Cocked 720

Did you just say ‘food’?

Katie Near Back Door 1920

You said ‘down’.  This is as low as I can get.

Katie Wanting Bubbles Kindle Cover

Yes, I want the bubbles NOW!

Katie Looking at Bubbles 1920

The Bubbles are coming…

Katie Snapping at Bubbles 1920

I need to protect the house from the BUBBLES!

Katie Closeup Licking Blue Ball 1920

Dad took this shot from between my back legs.

Katie Nap Paw 1920

No, that is NOT a party hat, it’s a pillow.

Doggles for Alex

Mom thinks it’s cruel, but I think it’s cool.

Kate - Pool Portrait 1920

If I’m a retriever, why aren’t I IN the water?

Kate Daydreaming 1920

Daydreaming about Calculus II.

Kate Running toward Camera Tongue Hanging Out 1920

I’m running, and spit’s flying everywhere!

Katie in Ortho Bed 1920

Mom took this shot – I think it’s great!


———- ‘Boomer’ – The Beagle ———-

Boomer Baby Seal Closeup 1920

Yes, I’m really a Beagle…not a baby seal.

Boomer in Grass 'Subway Blast' 1920

My EARS!  Where’s the subway grid?

Boomer Running to Camera 2 1920

Not a bad look for an old man, eh?

Boomer running to Camera 1920

This is Dad’s favorite shot of me.

Boomer Saying Grace 1920

First, I say Grace over my bone.

Boomer Straight On Resting 1920

Yep, I know I’m cute.

5 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. Test site, my foot! You’re just a proud Paw! ♪♫ All God’s creatures got a place in the choir ♪♫ Some sing low and some sing higher ♪♫ Some sing out loud on a telephone wire ♪♫ Some just clap their hands, or paws, or anything they’ve got now ♪♫

  2. She’s so cute! (Boomer, too) You’re right, I think Jesus is going to take good care of her until you see each other again. I’m sorry you had to do that, though, but if Katie loved you even half as much as y’all loved her, and I’m positive she did and more, then I think she’d want you to be happy. I know I never knew her except in stories, but I think she’d want you to celebrate her life and all she’s done with you. Stay strong and smile every day (:

    • Thanks Stephanie for your heartfelt and kind words. God has blessed us with so much grace as we are more joyful than sorrowful when we think of Katie. We miss her terribly but know she is healthy and happy and we will see her again one day. :)

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