3 thoughts on “EWTN’s Journey Home

  1. You are the most atypical Jew I’ve ever come across! So there are actually simply pleasant, just a little bit on the side of nerdy & not so densely cerebral types of you! I mean, of course, not quite the walking geniuses y’all seem to be. Anyways, besides being the roaming agnostic that you seemed to be most of your life before coming home, what is actually your profession & educational background? You only made oblique references throughout the interview, something in the field of math or physics, I’m guessing. My interest in it is only limited to how knowing it may add more weight to your journey from agnosticism into faith.

    • Connie — Oh, there are ‘simply pleasant’ people of all persuasions. As far as the ‘nerd’ part, my wife Lucy calls me a ‘well-rounded geek’, meaning that I am fluent in both ‘technical’ and ‘common English’. I attended college, but left before I finished in order to start writing video games. (In fact, the very first cartridge video games for the Commodore 64.) I’ve been a computer programmer and inventor, and it certainly had a direct effect on how I approached ‘coming to faith’. I had to break through a lot of ‘logical’ obstructions to get here – a lot of which I didn’t have time to get to on the show. — Peace, Greg

  2. Greg,
    I enjoyed your story of your journey to the Catholic church so interesting I sent emails to all my kids (5) to watch your story. I enjoyed in particular your explanation of the Eucharist. That is why I sent it to my kids. They have not accepted the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist and think it is only a symbol. They didn’t accept my explanation.

    I also like your explanation on sola scripture and look forward to seeing more apologetics. Your friend in Christ – Marlin Panther

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