2 thoughts on “Ephesians – Chapter 1

  1. Greg
    You are DOUBLE Blessed- chosen twice- the latter being of your own will UNITED with the LORD. (Triune)
    I just wanted to acknowledge and thank you for your time and effort to and in the service of God.
    In light of your rather recent conversion, It amazes me the amount of knowledge and understanding (incite: Spiritual- God given and desire- Heart driven) that you have awareness of and the ability you have to make/transmit those treasures revealed to others. Your fiat may bless and unite those who hear to: That of Mary with Jesus, The Father and Holy Spirit in the plenitude of God. Amen

    • Irene,

      Thanks for all the kind words. The blessing (at least for that Thursday evening) was that I had so many friends show up to hear the message. I’m so pleased that you’re all eager to learn from God’s word – and I’m humbled that you think I can explain it adequately.


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