‘Praying Over Cars’

I helped out at the Youth Group car wash fundraiser Saturday morning – and saw some amazing things.

First off, twenty kids (give or take) just working like crazy to wash cars.  No slacking, no whining, no excuses – just working hard – constantly – with nothing but smiles.  Between 9am and 11am we had a non-stop barrage of cars – and no complaints from anyone.  Just wash, wash, wash – dry, dry, dry – and vacuum…well, you get the point.  These kids had the cars looking great.

In the back of my mind, throughout the entire event, was the fact that this was all being done to raise money to help some of the high-school kids afford to go to the faith-building Steubenville event in Orlando.  But there were lots of middle school kids there – working hard.  And a few high-school kids were there that might not be attending – but still working hard.  All of them graciously working hard to send their fellow Youth Group friends to a conference designed to strengthen their faith.  The kids of our parish were not there to receive, but to give.  Amazing. Continue reading