About The Journey Home Appearance

*** If you missed the episode, you can click here to see it online. ***

Several weeks ago, I was invited to be the guest on EWTN’s ‘The Journey Home’ program for the episode that aired Monday, April 4th, 2016.  To say that I was excited about the invite is an enormous understatement.

While the show airs on EWTN, it is produced by The Coming Home Network.  The folks there are positively amazing.  Each one is smarter and nicer then the next.

In the picture above, it may seem like Marcus and I are roughly the same height, but he’s actually at least 4 or 5 inches taller than I am — a big, gentle bear of a man.  I assume he has had his seat lowered to make his guests feel more comfortable.  A gesture like that would certainly match his personality: welcoming, kind, and genuine. Continue reading

What does ‘Entirely Catholic’ mean?


The term ‘EntirelyCatholic‘ has a specific meaning for me, but it does not mean that I claim to be ‘Entirely’ good, faith-filled, holy, or any other nice adjective.  Actually, I’m so far from perfect that I don’t think I can even see it from where I am…

The actual meaning comes as a result of my decades-long search for faith. I did just about everything wrong, but still wound up finding faith (Jer 29:13 is true!).  I started attending Bible study as an agnostic, and found my ‘logical side’ digging into first-century culture, word meanings, and consistency between verses.  The toughest part was finding an interpretation that stayed consistent as I moved from verse to verse and book to book.  Occasionally, I’d run up against two (distant) verses that contradicted each other, based on my current understanding.  To make a long story short, I started doing a lot of ‘logical’ research and found that the Continue reading

‘Why Are We Here?’

Oh, great idea, Greg.  Try to tackle this one in a few sentences…

I had this question posed recently, and it got me thinking.  It’s the ‘great question’, and it’s been pondered by philosophers and theologians, musicians and poets, optimists and pessimists, believers and non-believers.  Each with their own ‘take’ on the issue.  So I asked myself – what’s my take on it?

If you had asked me a year ago, I would have looked at my life and asked back, ‘Well, why not be here?’  After all, I’ve certainly had my share of serious struggles, but I’ve lived quite the charmed life.  I’ve been astonishingly lucky at love, somehow managing to talk an absolute angel into marrying me, someone who continues to take my breath away after over 30 years.  I’ve invented clever things, I’ve helped deserving people, I’ve been recognized for my accomplishments, I’ve seen beautiful parts of this world – and I have a gorgeous dog.

But then everything changed about nine months ago.  At 30,000 feet over the Atlantic, and after 48 years of searching, I finally came to believe in God.

I had always assumed that if this crucial search ever bore fruit, that I would be ‘relieved’ – that I could finally ‘rest’.  Far from it. Continue reading