A Peek at our Glorified Lives

GregMerryGoRoundI just finished Pope Benedict’s book on Holy Week last night (early this morning actually), and his insights continue to amaze me.  Given that it’s Easter, I won’t relate the interesting points that relate to the time at the Cross, but instead I’ll leave you with another subtle thought about the Resurrection.

We know of Lazarus and others who were raised by Jesus (or the Apostles), and we tend to ‘lump together’ their resurrection with Christ’s Resurrection.  But this is not correct.  They were ‘risen’ in the same way a paramedic may restart someone’s heart today.  (Admittedly, however, Lazarus needed a ‘bit more’ than a defibrillator after spending days in the tomb.)  The point, though, is that they were brought back to a normal earthly life.  They spent some more time here on earth, and then died again naturally from some other cause.

Jesus, on the other hand, gives us a small glimpse as to our new life. Continue reading