‘A Two-Second Friendship’


Can you have a sincere and meaningful friendship that only lasts two seconds? I believe so. And I believe I had one this past Friday.

My wife and I arrived at the emergency room at about 8am. For the first time, it was actually my wife in distress and not me. The symptoms led us to believe that Lucy was passing a kidney stone: sharp, severe, lower-back pain that had eventually expanded around to the lower belly.

Lucy underwent some tests, and she was given fluids and pain medication. As anyone who has suffered through a kidney stone will tell you, the pain is incredible.

The first dose of morphine didn’t even make a dent, so they went to a higher strength medication. Continue reading

‘What I’m Learning While My Dog is Dying’

My dear, sweet dog is showing the signs of a dog that knows it’s time on Earth is coming to a close.  Confusion, shaking, weakness, behavior changes, loss of ‘control’, and the dreaded signs of not wanting to eat or drink.  Luckily, one of the medications has jump-started her desire to eat, but she hasn’t touched anything to drink in two days.  I’m mixing water into her food, but I know it won’t work forever.  Katie just wants to curl up with either me or Lucy – and be loved.  I’m supremely grateful that we’ve got time to say goodbye while she’s still able to walk outside with us, still able to enjoy a ‘good sniff in the wind’, still able to recognize us, and return our love.

Never in my life have I so wanted to be wrong about something, but I think she’s going to be moving on soon.

Amazingly, I’ve been learning some very interesting things over the last few days. Continue reading