‘We Stole Our Gifts’

A random musing inspired by this afternoon’s lunch conversation with a good friend…

There was a moment, before we were born, when we were left alone in a candy shop.

Innocently, we looked around and saw plenty of attractive things, and we took some of them.  And then we walked out of the store without paying.  We didn’t know any better.

God let us keep those gifts.  He graciously blessed them and he let us think they were things that we rightly owned.  Then he wiped our memory clean of our childish theft.

The gifts that we have in our life – our wisdom, strength, joy, goodness – our generosity, self-control, our families, and even our very lives – are not our own.  Like a good-natured thief, we took them one day, and now we can’t even remember our own petty theft. Continue reading

The Surprise Dove

I was gathering images for my talk next week and an image of a dove appeared in the search results.  This was unexpected, as I was researching cathedrals, and the search words really shouldn’t have lead to this picture of a flying dove – an unmistakable image of the Holy Spirit.  (I added the words and the fancy lens flare – but the dove itself came from the search.) Continue reading