Moses, Abraham, Isaiah, and Corpus Christi

I am constantly amazed at how many things are hinted at in the Old Testament (OT), and then fulfilled and ‘perfected’ in the New Testament (NT).

One of the ‘official’ ways to describe this is by using the terms ‘type’ and ‘anti-type’.  A ‘type’ is an event (or thing, or person) in the OT which points to an upcoming fulfillment in the NT.  The ‘anti-type’ which occurs in the NT, is the ‘type’ made perfect.

To me, the term ‘anti-type’ is a bit confusing, because it seems to be a ‘negative’ word – but it’s just the ‘removal of the shadow’ so you can see the ‘real thing’ that God wanted to share with us all along.

There’s a very good reason that has God revealed things to us this way. Continue reading