Father John: The ‘Valley’ Talk

This is my favorite talk of all time…by any speaker…on any topic.

At some point in our life, we will all walk through a ‘dark valley’.  Father John Riccardo discusses how to walk without fear when those situations arise.  The key is very simple, yet very profound.

Note: Father John is speaking to a non-Catholic audience at a neighboring church.  The short introduction is made by the pastor hosting the event, which was held during a Memorial Day weekend.


‘Evidence for the Resurrection’

CCC 4 – ‘The Evidence for the Resurrection’

An ‘apologetics’ talk which intentionally starts from a non-believer’s mindset and examines the definitive historical record looking for evidence which supports “the Christian story”, and then draws logical conclusions based on those facts.

(Lots of interesting history!)
‘Catholicism for Cradle Catholics’ talk – Session 4